5 statistics about Luxembourg’s wine production

Updated: Apr 12, 2020


This is the length of Luxembourg’s wine route, which extends along the banks of the river Moselle between Schengen and Wasserbillig. Almost all of the country’s commercialised parcels lie on the banks of the Moselle, with a few exceptions on the banks of the Sauer river around Rosport. Some private vineyards (a tiny number) also exist on the banks of other rivers such as the Alzette but are used for private purposes only.

150 to 250 meters above see level

This is the altitude at which Luxembourg’s vineyards lie on the banks of the Moselle

1295 hectares

This is the total area under cultivation in the Grand-Duchy. This amounts to 907 football pitches.


This the total number of wineries in the whole country.

125 000 hectolitres

Luxembourg’s total wine production. In comparison, Germany produces around 9 million hectolitres each year, Italy around 50 million, France around 45 million and Hungary around 3 million.

Source: AOP – Moselle Luxembourgeoise,, OIV –

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