About us

We are three student entrepreneurs looking to rejuvenate the wine industry in Luxembourg.

Thomas Mouton

Co-owner and partner of the company, Thomas is also the chief of sales and marketing and our PR officer. With Thomas entertainment is always guaranteed. He has a very witty and well-articulated persona that never fails to amuse. As an unabashed bon vivant, he has a taste for finer things in life and can often be found at social events raising his glass to toast while exclaiming that “Life is too short for bad wine!”.


Besides being an epicurean “Babbelkëscht”, he is also a master when it comes to numbers; studying at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, pursuing a double degree in Econometrics and Economics. Having a strong personal devotion to wine, he is involved in the sampling and assemblage of the wine, making sure that our wine remains a purveyor of pleasure, a component of well-being, a piece of Luxembourgish Art de Vivre.

Next to being the co-owner and partner of the company, Nathan is the head of Strategy and Finance. He is a man of detail and studying Business Management at King’s College London. Nathan successfully draws from his study material to contribute to the management of the company by providing a clear direction for the firm, as well as meticulously refining our target market and ensuring financial stability.


Besides that, we also like to call him “Maître Moyse” as he handles most of the paperwork with great care. Given that his French skills are out of this world, receiving a business request letter has never been such a pleasure. Thereby, his perseverance, attention to detail and unmatchable maîtrise de la langue helps us convey the beauty and greatness of our wine.


Not less important, Nathan is responsible for our Instagram memes.

Nathan Moyse
Jo Diseviscourt

“El maestro” Jo is our creative officer. When it comes to Jo, it is all about aesthetics. Through his spectacles he sees the hidden beauty in things which he always perfectly captures with his camera lens. When designing, his immense creativity and attention to detail always amazes everyone and we can safely say that one never gets used to his artworks.


Although he has been artistically gifted, which he expresses mostly in his hobby for photography, he pursues a degree in History at the University of Strasbourg. Without wanting to be pretentious, we like to think that he could have become an Edward Steichen had he pursued photography as his main occupation.