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The Wine Makers : To do more with less 

The idea emerged from a simple observation. Nowadays the majority of wines contain much more alcohol as they did twenty to thirty years ago. This increase has been further accentuated in the last couple of years with white wines often reaching 13 to 14 percent of alcohol. The experts in the field interpret this trend of increased alcohol content in wine through two distinct phenomena. One reason being the rising global temperatures and carbon dioxide that increase the photosynthesis. The second reason being the use of new cultivation techniques, such as certain de-leaving techniques used to accelerate the maturity of the grapes and the use of stronger, more aggressive yeast in the fermentation process. This makes grapes produce a higher sugar content and thereby results in a higher percentage of alcohol.


In our view, this artificially pushed increase in alcohol content, with all that it entails, discourages a large part of potential consumers to enjoy themselves, as it often does not suit their lifestyle or diet.

Back to the roots


We are proud to have engaged in the challenge to produce the first Luxembourgish white wine containing less alcohol and thereby also less calories, without distorting its fruity character, its freshness and elegance. We thereby embarked onto a journey to return back to our roots, by using both traditional processes and modern techniques, in order to deliver the wine’s traditional character without depriving it from the elegance of its smoothness and its specificity of today.

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Who we are

At the start, we were a group of young secondary school students at the Athénée de Luxembourg, which in the context of the project “Fit for youth Entrepreneurship”, started the conceptualisation and production of wine. Today we are three young entrepreneurs that continue to lead this project with passion.



Contact: contact@thewinemakers.lu / +352 691 199 824

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